Paper title:

Speech Recognition

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 3) / 2009
Publishing date: 2009-10-20
Pages: 54-59
Author(s): Morariu Adrian
Abstract. This paper presents a method of speech recognition by pattern recognition techniques. Learning consists in determining the unique characteristics of a word (cepstral coefficients) by eliminating those characteristics that are different from one word to another. For learning and recognition, the system will build a dictionary of words by determining the characteristics of each word to be used in the recognition. Determining the characteristics of an audio signal consists in the following steps: noise removal, sampling it, applying Hamming window, switching to frequency domain through Fourier transform, calculating the magnitude spectrum, filtering data, determining cepstral coefficients.
Keywords: Voice Recognition, Hamming Window, Fourier Transform, Magnitude Spectrum, The Cepstral Coefficients

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