Paper title:

Numerical Solution of Volterra Integral Equations with a Weakly Singular Kernel Using the Seventh Order Non-Polynomial Spline Function Method

Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 16) / 2022
Publishing date: 2022-04-05
Pages: 24-29
Author(s): HASAN Arkan Sh., MOHAMMED Sizar A.
Abstract. In this paper, the seventh-order non-polynomial slice function (NPSF7) was used to solve the Volterra integrative equation of the second type with a weakly single kernel. New problems were applied to demonstrate the effectiveness and accuracy of our method. And also the comparison we have made between the results calculated by our method and the results obtained by other methods like NPSF1 and NPSF6 is provided in order to validate this method
Keywords: Volterra Integral Equation, Weakly Singular Kernel, Non-polynomial Spline Functions

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