Paper title:

Web Portal Development with Different Cloud Containers: Docker vs. Kubernetes

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 15) / 2021
Publishing date: 2021-11-14
Pages: 15-19
Author(s): GORDIN Ionel, GRAUR Adrian, ADOMNITEI Cezar Ion
Abstract. The IT world is moving in the direction of containers on bare metal, virtual machines, and cloud computing. Most enterprises started implementing a container strategy already. Adoption of containers and microservices is a real fact and is transforming how enterprises are deploying IT infrastructure. Docker and Kubernetes are two of the most known container solutions. The current article is focusing on web portal development from container’s perspective. Choosing the best cloud solution for our organization can be challenging. This paper provides a comparative study of these two cloud container solutions regarding their implementation complexity, overall stability and performance comparison from standpoint of web portal development.
Keywords: Container, Web Portal, Cloud Computing, Docker, Kubernetes

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