Paper title:

New Traveling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Time Fractional Duffing Model via IBSFM

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 14) / 2020
Publishing date: 2020-07-14
Pages: 42-47
Author(s): DEMİRBİLEK Ulviye, ALA Volkan, MAMEDOV Kh. R.
Abstract. In this study, we use the Improved Bernoulli Sub-Equation Function Method (IBSEFM) to establish exact solutions for generalized form of the reaction Duffing model in conformable time fractional sense. The compatible traveling wave transformations convert this model to the nonlinear ordinary differential equation (NODE). Applying the IBSEFM to the NODE, we construct new exact solutions. Returning to the original variables, we obtain traveling wave solutions of the considering conformable fractional nonlinear Duffing model. By the aid of mathematics software, we give the 2D and 3D graphs acquired from the values of the solutions
Keywords: Conformable Fractional Derivative, Space-time Fractional Generalized Reaction Duffing Equation, IBSFEM.

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