Paper title:

Approximate solution of high-order integro-differential equations using radial basis functions

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 11) / 2017
Publishing date: 2017-10-13
Pages: 26-29
Author(s): MAADADI Asma, MEROUANI Abdelbaki, RAHMOUNE Azedine
Abstract. In this paper, we present a numerical method to solve linear and nonlinear high-order Volterra integro-differential equations. This method is based on interpolating by radial basis functions, using Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto nodes and weights. The proposed method reduces the main problem to linear or nonlinear system of algebraic equations. Some numerical examples illustrate the efficiency of the presented method
Keywords: High-order Integro-differential Equations, Radial Basis Functions, Collocation Method, Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto Nodes And Weights

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