Paper title: Quantum Computing - A new Implementation of Simon Algorithm for 3-Dimensional Registers
Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 9) / 2015Download
Publishing date: 2015-03-31
Pages: 23-30
Author(s): BĂRÎLĂ Adina
Abstract. Quantum computing is a new field of science aiming to use quantum phenomena in order to perform operations on data. The Simon algorithm is one of the quantum algorithms which solves a certain problem exponentially faster than any classical algorithm solving the same problem. Simulating of quantum algorithms is very important since quantum hardware is not available outside of the research labs. QCL (Quantum Computation Language) is the most advanced implemented quantum computer simulator and was conceived by Bernhard Ömer. The paper presents an implementation in QCL of the Simon algorithm in the case of 3-dimensional registers
Keywords: Quantum Computing, Quantum Gate, Quantum Algorithm

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