Paper title: A Performance Evaluation of QR-eigensolver on IBM Roadrunner cluster for Large Sparse Matrices
Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 7) / 2013Download
Publishing date: 2013-04-16
Pages: 38-41
Author(s): RUSU Ionela, PENTIUC Stefan Gh., CRACIUN Elena - Gina, SOIMAN Stefania
Abstract. The paper presents a performance analysis of the QR eigensolver from ScaLAPACK library on the IBM Roadrunner machine. A ScaLAPACK-based testing platform was developed in order to evaluate the performance of a parallel solver to compute the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for largescale sparse matrices. Our experiments showed encouraging results on the IBM Roadrunner cluster, the acceleration factor gained was up to 40 for large matrices. This result is bright to solve problems that involve scientific and large-scale computing.
Keywords: Eigenvalues, High Performance Computing, QR Factorization, Systems Of Linear Equations, ScaLAPACK

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