Paper title:

Active Queue Management in TCP Networks Based on Fuzzy-Pid Controller

Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 6) / 2012
Publishing date: 2011-04-11
Pages: 9-14
Author(s): ASHTIANI Hossein , POUR Hamed Moradi , NIKPOUR Mohsen
Abstract. We introduce a novel and robust active queue management (AQM) scheme based on a fuzzy controller, called hybrid fuzzy-PID controller. In the TCP network, AQM is important to regulate the queue length by passing or dropping the packets at the intermediate routers. RED, PI, and PID algorithms have been used for AQM. But these algorithms show weaknesses in the detection and control of congestion under dynamically changing network situations. In this paper a novel Fuzzy-based proportional-integral derivative (PID) controller, which acts as an active queue manager (AQM) for Internet routers, is proposed. These controllers are used to reduce packet loss and improve network utilization in TCP/IP networks. A new hybrid controller is proposed and compared with traditional RED based controller. Simulations are carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method and show that, the new hybrid fuzzy PID controller provides better performance than random early detection (RED) and PID controllers
Keywords: AQM, Fuzzy Controller, Fuzzy PID Controllers, PID Controllers, Adaptive Hybrid Controllers

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