Paper title: Online Management of Waste Storage
Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 5) / 2011Download
Publishing date: 2011-10-28
Pages: 76-80
Author(s): MORARIU Nicolae, STEFANESCU Beatrice, VLAD Sorin, IANCU Eugenia, PASCU Paul
Abstract. The paper presents a telematic system designed to monitor the areas affected by the uncontrollable waste storing by using the newest informational and communicational technologies through the elaboration of a GPS/GIS electronic geographical positioning system. Within the system for online management of the affected locations within the built up areas, the following data categories are defined and processed: data regarding the waste management (monitored locations within the built up areas, waste, pollution sources, waste stores, waste processing stations), data describing the environment protection (environmental quality parameters: water, air, soil), spatial data (thematic maps). Using the automatic collection of the data referring to the environment quality, it is aiming at the realization of a monitoring system, equipped with sensors and/or translators capable of measuring and translating (into electrical signals) measures with meteorological character (the intensity of the solar radiation, temperature, humidity) but also indicators of the ecological system (such as: the concentration of nutrients in water and soil, the pollution in water, air and soil, biomasses). The organization, the description and the processing of the spatial data requires the utilization of a GIS (Geographical Information System) type product.
Keywords: GPS/GIS Tehnologies, Telematic System Design, Environment Quality, Waste Storage

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